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We are pleased to introduce ourselves as leading and the largest NOVA (The Professional Communication PVT Ltd.) Company working over FTTH (Fiber to the Home) in Pakistan through GPON (Gigabit passive optical network) Technology

Fast internet is the basis today!

NOVA FTTH Broadband is Pakistan's fastest growing Broadband Internet Service Provider offering unlimited plans from 5 Mbps to 100 Mbps at very affordable prices. We offer GEPON technology because we want to deliver more high quality content as compared to the existing telecom ISPs. NOVA FTTH boasts of high speeds at minimal prices.

NOVA Analog and Digital TV

We at NOVA are determined to give you an unforgettable Analog and Digital TV experience. You can now enjoy more than 250 + channels across genres with amazing picture quality and seamless connectivity.

Customer Testimonials

  • Mr. Faiq Ali
    My Old internet service was not good. Their uploading speed was not good and I was having frequent disconnections. I came to know about NOVA last month and after installing it in my home, I’m loving it! Awesome speed and no disconnections. I would recommend it to my friends and family.
    Mr. Faiq Ali